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United States

‘This land is your land, this land is my land,” and this land is for everyone: the United States is a vast nation, offering some of the most diverse terrain and natural rock formations on the planet. Easy travel with high adventure makes it unique. From the old, stoic Rocky Mountains stretching from Canada to …

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From the Sacred Valley of the Incas to the secluded people of the Amazon basin, Peru is a country of exotic mystery and discovery. A stone city hidden in the hills, a vanished empire, a lost civilization – leap back in time as you hike your way to the ancient Incan capital, Machu Picchu, a …

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In Bolivia, be prepared for a colorful variety of ecosystems and experiences in a high and wild country with 37 national languages. Bolivia is the quintessential “off the beaten track” journey of a lifetime; travel high in the Andes and you will see almost no one but indigenous people. The classic ‘Transcordillera Trek’, one of …

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Ecuador boasts a national “Good Living Plan” and has established legal rights for nature, so you can marvel at protected ecosystems spanning coastal, jungle, and mountain habitats. Take a lesson in natural history in the unique volcanic Galapagos Islands, the well-known seat of Darwin’s most famous ideas, a place sure to inspire you as well. …

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In Chile, wander through a glorious isolated wilderness of granite towers and revel in one of the most awe inspiring places on the planet. From the dry Mars desert landscape of Chile’s northern Atacama Desert to the glaciated peaks in the south, Chile, is a land of stark contrasts: long dramatic coastlines (some 78,000 km …

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Welcome to this stretch – 3650 km from north to south – of beautiful country from the Andean forests through mountain lakes, the open cowboy-country of the Pampas and Patagonia right down to Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica. Argentina has wild space enough for all and then some. The country is home to a long …

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