Adventure International specializes in adventure travel because we believe in the intrinsic value of traveling to natural environments or remote locations with the specific purpose of active physical participation and exploration of a new sensory experience. Our guiding philosophy is to share this idea with our guests in ways that also improve the welfare of local people. In essence, we combine luxury adventure travel and local communities into a symbiotic life-changing experience for both the traveler and the local people.

While giving our guests ever-lasting memories, we also look towards the future and seek to create sustainable tourism models in the areas we visit, through our partnerships and our own dedicated teams. Our on-the-ground approach for all programs is unique as not all of our team members are sitting in an office. Our owners and managers are constantly on reconnaissance for new trips, our trip leaders personally guide private groups, our most trusted local guides escort families and small groups on their next departure, and our sales consultants plan your next adventure down to the smallest detail so you donĀ“t have to. This hands-on operational approach to outfitting on the ground as much as possible ensures the highest quality in service and helps impart our knowledge and commitment to adventure to you.

From inception, AI`s emphasis has been on community development and the empowerment of rural communities. This empowerment starts with local guides, local training, and their dedication to spreading the importance of becoming global stewards in their communities and to our guests. Our travelers are the critical first step in engaging the rest of the world and bringing them to remote wilderness areas that others call home. Our partnerships with local communities help promote and expand successful conservation, by showing them the benefits of tourism.

Our mission is to own or have significant shareholding in the ground operations of our featured destinations, so we can confidently and consistently guarantee great value on amazing trips. This also ensures we have our fingers on the pulse of local communities, and we can be a catalyst for positive change through training programs and other needs-based programs, as we have done in East Africa and the Himalayas.

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