Adventure International’s experienced team began in East Africa as managers, trip leaders, and guides for a mountain climbing and safari outfitter that worked with various luxury tour operators from around the world. From the start, a dedication to training local guides in safety set this initial mountain climbing operation apart. Over a decade of climb preparation, briefings, trip management, emergency evacuation plans, written safety plans, and the most in-depth methodology to systematic approaches of client health monitoring all ensured the company’s place as a leader in professionalism and consistently delivering the safest and most rewarding climbing experiences.

The safari operation side, also established a stellar reputation for offering the best East African adventures. Head guides and management were involved in extensive pioneering: mountain biking safaris, traditional photographic excursions into community areas, and well-designed active programs involving walking and hiking among them. In previous years, these teams had won ecotourism awards for outstanding community-based tourism projects, and it was during these early years that community-based tourism in general gained universal acceptance and is still seen today, as a means to reduce poverty in remote areas.

All of our mountain and safari guides were chosen and trained with this philosophy, focusing on a sustainable future and ensuring guests an authentic experience based on these ideals. Guests on the mountain learned about geology, fauna, and about the environmental impact of tourism on the mountain, and the company founded programs to create a paradigm shift on how mountain operations should be conducted for a sustainable future. Likewise, guests on safari traveled to lodges and camps designed to have the smallest impact on the environment and that merged beautifully with the landscape. Safaris were specialized to incorporate seasonal luxury tented camps that were mobile so as to be at the right place at the right time to see wildlife in abundance.

After years of focusing on East Africa, Adventure International began leading expeditions around the world, at first developing strong relationships with outfitters and communities, and today running its own operations in selected destinations. Each month, each year, AI has its sights set on another potential adventure, and we invite you to join us.

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