The Incan Empire

From the Sacred Valley of the Incas to the secluded people of the Amazon basin, Peru is a country of exotic mystery and discovery. A stone city hidden in the hills, a vanished empire, a lost civilization – leap back in time as you hike your way to the ancient Incan capital, Machu Picchu, a great wonder of the world discovered only a hundred years ago. Historians are still tracing back the layers of this magical stone city, set so high in the Andean mountains it leaves you amazed and questioning its seemingly impossible creation.

Follow various Inca trails through dramatic landscapes either in private camps or luxury mountain lodges to reach the forgotten city. Head south beyond the vibrant city of Cusco, to the region inhabited by llama and alpaca herding communities, or to the stunning and remote area of the 20,950 ft Apu Ausangate, the most sacred mountain in the Inca culture. Trek amongst high mountain pastoralists on one of Peru’s most renowned and remote hiking circuits.

Venture to Manu where the Andes meet the Amazon. Limited accessibility is a benefit for those wanting to experience nature in a more intimate and untouched setting. You can travel by boat and hike through jungles to see monkeys, a plethora of birds, and if you’re lucky, the last of the wild jaguars. Then unwind with a pisco sour and get lost in Peru.

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