Reaching New Heights

In Bolivia, be prepared for a colorful variety of ecosystems and experiences in a high and wild country with 37 national languages. Bolivia is the quintessential “off the beaten track” journey of a lifetime; travel high in the Andes and you will see almost no one but indigenous people. The classic ‘Transcordillera Trek’, one of Bolivia’s most popular trails, meanders across the Royal Mountain Range and follows paths used by the indigenous Aymaras. From end to end, the landscapes are breathtaking and cultural exchanges memorable. This high altitude trek crosses three passes over 16,000 ft in elevation, providing a range of diverse scenery and ecosystems.
Head into the vast desert-scape of the Uyuni Salt flats that has inspired travelers and adventurers for decades. When covered with water, the salt flat becomes one of the largest mirrors on Earth. Further afield, sharing a border with Peru, lies the sacred Lake Titicaca, the highest commercially navigable lake in the world and by volume of water, the largest lake in South America.
Discover high altitude plateaus, vast salt pans, the legendary Lake Titicaca and deep traditional roots in a country that unveils slowly, one exquisite layer after another.
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