Country: Africa


Uganda is a pure untouched country. Traveling here, you follow in the footsteps of legendary explorers who searched for the source of the Nile. Wander among the snow-capped peaks of the Rwenzori Mountains, the Mountains of the Moon, to summit the third highest peak in Africa, which along with Kilimanjaro and Mt Kenya, are the …

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Few places in the world will overwhelm your senses with contrasts as intense as Morocco’s sharp white sun against towering golden limestone cliffs. Experience the expansive vistas of palm trees framed by snow-capped peaks and settle down at night to slow-cooked dishes bursting with the flavor of preserved lemons, green olives and cumin. Take time …

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Imagine the world when vast herds of animals grazed freely in wild savanna beneath the slopes of snow-topped ancient volcanoes: this is still true in Tanzania, humanity’s first home where our earliest ancestors took to their feet, abandoning tree climbing for mountain climbing. Follow those bare footsteps as you ascend Kilimanjaro through equatorial rainforests to …

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In Rwanda, head for the hills and come face to face with the last of the endangered mountain gorillas, an unforgettable encounter with those gentle giants who are our not-so-distant cousins. Trek through the misty slopes of the Virunga volcanoes, following our local experts as we track wildlife through the dense rainforest and bamboo. Then …

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Kenya is the birth place of traditional safari expeditions. Hike the ruggedly wild terrain of the second highest peak in Africa, visit some of the oldest and most breathtaking safari camps in grand style, or drink a tusker beer on the famous Swahili coast. Rise to new heights and challenges as you climb up through …

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