The Land of a Thousand Hills

In Rwanda, head for the hills and come face to face with the last of the endangered mountain gorillas, an unforgettable encounter with those gentle giants who are our not-so-distant cousins. Trek through the misty slopes of the Virunga volcanoes, following our local experts as we track wildlife through the dense rainforest and bamboo.

Then trek up to the rim of the active Karisimbi volcano and look down upon ancient lava flows. Peek into Africa’s best-kept secret, Nyungwe National Park, home to an array of primates and unique animal species. A hiker`s paradise with waterfalls and suspended bridges that take you into the canapies of a forgotten jungle playground. Head to Lake Kivu and spend the day biking around the lake or even jet ski!

It is our turn to sneak a peek at Big Brother – and maybe also sneak a peak of the green heart of Africa from among the endless sublime hills.

gorilla baby

Rwanda Gorilla Tracking & Volcanoes National Park

A chance to look into the eyes of our closest relatives in the heart of Africa. With very ...


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