High on Life

The French expression, savoir-vivre, sums up the best of France in its art of living. Reach new heights in your gastronomic experience or on the summit of Mont Blanc.

Learn from the culture that invented the 35-hour workweek how to slow down and really savor your days in a country whose landscapes are as varied as its cheeses. Whether you choose a relaxing bike ride through Provence’s hilltop towns and lavender fields or to travel back in time to the beaches of Normandy to learn more about this historic and triumphant WWII setting, France holds something for everyone.

Wine taste your way through Burgundy, French wines ancestral home or play king and queen in the châteaux’s of the Loire Valley. Ride Chamonix’s famous Aiguille de midi up for stunning views of the Valley Blanche and Mt. Blanc. Better yet slap on some crampons and make the 2-day journey up this noble peak where great mountaineers and adventure seekers long to set foot.


Classic Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the classic trekking journeys in the world, covering 166km with ...


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